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Humans & Earth
Like astronauts, experience the overview effect
Featured Earth videos
Unique Nasa images from one million miles away
Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall on the magnificence of Planet Earth
Yael Naim
International singer and artist Yael Naim has created a sound piece in testimony of her love to the Earth.
Hélène Courtois
Astrophysicist Hélène Courtois on our condition seen from Laniakea
Satish Kumar
Environmental and peace activist Satish Kumar, founder of the Schumacher College, declares his love to the Earth.
Eclipse over Antarctica
Watch from space an eclipse forming over Antartica.
Sahara dust
Watch the immense dust cloud crossing the Atlantic ocean and heading toward Amazonia.
Jean-François Clervoy
Astronaut Jean-François Clervoy sends a strong message to the citizens of the Earth.
One hour Earth video
This 60 minutes video is our longest. Use it for your special events or to display in schools & buildings.
Frank White
Space philosopher and author Frank White on the overview effect experience
OneHome Community
Be part of the movement and share the love of our planet
How to organize your own event
Seeing the Earth from the Moon is a miracle
These fires can ben seen from one million miles away
Kids have planetary consciousness within
What was reserved for astronauts is now accessible to all.
Mindfulness meditation and Earth images is the perfect combination
There is only Earth that you can't watch in the sky