The Earth doesn't need to be saved.
She just needs to be loved.


Our mission is to bring the overview effect to millions of people. By doing this we aim at reconnecting Humans and Earth using positive emotions and make everybody feel home on this planet.

OneHome is a collaborative and collective project with artists, designers and experts, working probono from all over the world.


Most astronauts in orbit have experienced a profound love for the Earth and a deep feeling of oneness that transformed their life. It is called the Overview Effect.

What if everybody could be transformed by the Overview Effect?


Follow us on @onehomeorg (Instagram, Facebook) to enjoy a unique Earth overview. These shots are rare, transformative and beautifully processed by Blueturn, our technology partner using pictures from NASA taken one million miles away. You can also find all our videos in HD on our Vimeo account.

We will post daily, so that you can see her in different state everyday.

OneHome webplatform - Phase 2


Soon, OneHome - the web plateform: a place to watch and express your love to the Earth. A collective experience of the overview effect, in a real time synchronicity with the rest of the world.

Keep in touch on social networks @onehomeorg.


OneHome is using pictures taken by the NASA/DSCOVR satellite imagined in 1998 by former US Vice President Al Gore, launched in 2015 by Elon Musk's SpaceX and located on the Lagrangian point L1, one million miles away on the Earth-Sun axis.

Listen to our TEDx talk about this extraordinary journey with our technology partner Blueturn to provide those videos of the Earth from space.

Jean-Pierre Goux, Founder President

Jean-Pierre Goux
Vision & Project Leader

Kim Huynh-Kieu, Chief of Design

Kim Huynh-Kieu
Design & Tech Leader

Marie L'Hermite, Chief of Legal

Marie L'Hermite

Georges Houy, IT Admin & video production

Georges Houy
Video & Web administration


OneHome is a non-profit French-based organisation. We offer our services for free.

Our team is working for probono. We're always looking for new talent to help growing the project.

You can contact us at contact@onehome.org if you are interested to help.