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We all share one home
Astronauts in orbit have experienced a profound love for the Earth and felt that we all share one home. It is called the Overview Effect and it changed them forever.

Using unique Earth images taken from one million miles away by NASA, our mission is to bring the overview effect to millions of people.

Our mission is to bring the overview effect to millions of people

We want them to realize that we live on marvelous planet and that we all share one home. The OneHome NGO is a collective project with artists, designers and experts from all over the world. We provide 50+ HD videos of the Earth on our social networks that are free of use. These shots are rare, transformative and beautifully processed by Blueturn, our technology partner using pictures from NASA taken one million miles away.

Admiring the Earth from space can change us.

Environmental awareness is rising, unfortunately what divides us seems stronger than what unites us.

What if a single view of our planet could make us realize our chance and experience unity? What if an overview of our planet could make us experience the interconnectedness of life? What if planetary boundaries became suddenly obvious?

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OneHome – Plateforme développée en phase 2

At the end of summer 2020, the OneHome experience will be enriched with a revolutionary platform which will allow us to collectively express our love for our planet whatever the country, nationality or origins through voice messages that will rotate around the Earth, called “love stars”. Collecting and showing the love of humankind to our planet will bring us together. Keep in touch on our social networks @onehomeorg (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo).

OneHome & NASA

OneHome is using pictures taken by the NASA/DSCOVR satellite imagined in 1998 by former US Vice President Al Gore, launched in 2015 by Elon Musk's SpaceX and located on the Lagrangian point L1, one million miles away on the Earth-Sun axis. The best spot in the universe to admire Earth.

Listen to our TEDx talk about this extraordinary journey with our technology partner Blueturn to provide those videos of the Earth from space.

Our core team

OneHome is a non-profit French-based organisation. Our team is working probono. We are always looking for new talents to help growing the project. The development of the OneHome platform is supported by the Lunt Foundation and private donors.

You can contact us at contact@onehome.org if you are interested to help or to be on of our enthusiast partners.

Jean-Pierre Goux
Kim Huynh-Kieu
Marie L’Hermite
Georges Houy

Advisory board

OneHome is supported by a prestigious and international advisory board that brings us a strong expertise and experience in space & planetary stewardship.‍

Jean-François Clervoy
Frank White, Inventor of the term Overview Effect
Patrick Viveret


Jean-Pierre Goux